Monthly Bookish Awesomeness: April 2015

In which I recap what went down in the last four weeks in and outside the blog.

Okay. Let’s clear things up from the previous rundown. More Than This is NOT my first Patrick Ness title. Gaah. I forgot that The Knife of Never Letting Go is his; that is my real first. I’m TERRIBLE. Throw the tomatoes. But can you throw doughnuts, too?  And “unflinchingly bawdy humor, spot-on humor,” even if Winger IS absolutely aces, is mega redundant, don’t you agree? (I am. You know. Such a loser.)

April hasn’t been very kind to my blog schedule (I don’t keep a schedule, mind you; that’s more a figure of speech). The first two weeks saw me training early in the morning up until late in the afternoon. And that only sounds like it involves running a circuit, sparring, and trying to project tendrils of electrical charges from my fingers, but in reality it’s quite prosaic. But I did fairly better at reading, considering how slow I read. Albeit, in the Review Department, things are pretty grim. But, hey, a boy can only do so much.

I also received the SINGLE BEST DM OF MY YEAR (or the previous ones) and it’s from Becky Albertalli which, if you’ve been paying attention and I’ve been explicit about this, is a favorite author person. I’m still waiting for the eagle to land but you best believe you’ll hear my screams when it does. And oh. Did I mention I got approval for an e-ARC of Adam Silvera’s More Happy Than Not? Exciting times!

Books I Read

 All the Bright PlacesProcessed with VSCOcam with m3 presetGrasshopper Jungle 01

  •  All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven – I had very conflicting feelings about this one at first. But the more I pondered about it, the more I realized what a gem it is. It’s thoughtful and provocative and Theodore Finch is just so vivid that you can practically see him nodding at you across the street. Definitely recommending it you guys!
  • The Witch Hunter by Virginia Boecker – If it isn’t straight up romance, I’m not big in this element, that is why I was pleasantly surprised to find myself rooting hard for the couple in this debut. It was SO good! Plus, it’s atmospheric and the MC has a strong voice. And a gang of witches? Yes please!
  • Galgorithm by Aaron Karo – This is a fun, light high school rom com reminiscent of Easy A. (Yeah, that Emma Stone movie.)
  • The Five Stages of Andrew Brawley by Shaun Hutchinson – I can only describe the emotion in this book as RAW. I mean, I want to hug Andrew. But humor is also present.
  • Half Bad by Sally Green – Oh my gods, stating how child abuse is one of the central themes of this piece of contemporary fantasy will be the understatement of the year! If I want to hug Andrew Brawley, I want to adopt Nathan and never for once in his life again let him go through the things he endured. Ever. And can we talk about Arran? PERFECT. BROTHER. On a more fain-y (that’s muggle or mundane; choose your fandom) side, the writing is blunt which I can see might be a problem for some.
  • Grasshopper Jungle by Andrew Smith – I’ve just started this yesterday and I’m not too far to really give any opinion. Oh. I’ll say this: Andrew Smith has his ways in creating fleshed-out teenage boys.

Other Stuff I Posted

Book Birthdays

Simon Vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda   Challenger Deep 01   An Ember in the Ashes 01   In a World Just Right 01

Happy book birthday to Kissing Ted Callahan (and Other Guys) (Poppy), None of the Above (Balzer + Bray), Simon Vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda (Balzer + Bray), Denton Little’s Deathdate (Knopf Books for Young Readers), Challenger Deep (HarperCollins), Finding Paris (Balzer + Bray), Still Waters (Philomel Books), An Ember in the Ashes (Razorbill), and In a World Just Right (Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers), which all found a place in the shelves this month!

Book Radar

Made You Up 01   Uprooted 01   Anything Could Happen 01   Extraordinary Means 01

I’m seriously looking forward to these May new releases: Made You Up (19th, Greenwillow Books), Uprooted (19th, Del Rey), Anything Could Happen (26th, Push) (!!!), and Extraordinary Means (26th, Katherine Tegen Books) (!!!).

Around the Interwebs

Tommen x Margaery

How was your month waffles? What, food IS everything! Did you bust down that wobbly TBR pile? What was the last book that blew your socks off? Or, you know, destroyed you? As one does. And are you stoked for Carry On? Go Set a Watchman comes out in less than two months, but for now, we can rewatch the 1962 TKAM adaptation and chat over how sublime it is!

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8 thoughts on “Monthly Bookish Awesomeness: April 2015

  1. Omg, Tommon lives? WELL. (Okay, okay, I’ve only read book 1 and do you know how torturous it is to avoid all things GoT while I keep reading?!! I WANT TO kNOW ALL THE THINGS RIGHT NOW. **cries** I figured Joffery would die, but but but yeah. Sansa better be alive is all I can say.)
    I would like a waffle please and thank you.
    Also your pictures are amazing and totally awesome and you set them up so well. I AM IN LOVE WITH ALL THE BRIGHT PLACES PICTURE. I love that book. It made me cry.
    Also we ought to start a petition of: Take Nathan Away From His Meanie Author Until She Promises To Be Nice To Him.
    RIGHT? Right.

    Liked by 1 person


      YES! WE OUGHT TO TEACH SALLY GREEN A LESSON OR TWO. I mean, she has some serious sadistic tendencies. That witch! But, really, I’ll get on with Half Wild real soon.

      And oh, Cait, avoiding GOT spoilers is a real thing! Like, a full-time day job. I recall when I was in your shoes. But there’s hope! And I SUPPORT #QueenSansa (shh. That’s not a spoiler. I just want her to start playing the game of thrones).

      ALL THE BRIGHT PLACES! Who do you want to play Finch in the film?


  2. Yess All the Bright Places is one of those books that just sound better and better the more you think about it. And OMG a DM from Becky? How awesome!!
    I am so incredibly excited about the release of An Ember in the Ashes. I’ve already ordered a copy online so it better come soon or I’ll die from the anticipation, heh.

    Here’s to an amazing May!


    1. Yeah, and when I was thinking about it, I made the mistake (??) of rereading the Blue Hole part. I ended up teary-eyed again. Splendid! And Becky? I srsly freaked out, coz it was an unsolicited one. Um, I’ve heard good things about An Ember and I hope you get it really soon!

      To an amazing May, cheers!


  3. Conflicted feelings about All the Bright Places(?????!!!!!!) Wow. There was never any conflict for me. I decided I was in love with Finch as soon as I began reading the book, and hopefully you also came to that conclusion.


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