So What Did I Miss?

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Hólaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I’m still alive!

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No? Okay. Let me give you a quick run-down of what I’d been up to in the past ten months instead. I finally went to Venice and Santorini, talk about bucket lists and stuff. I had baklava in Kusadasi. I spent my birthday in a lovely afternoon in Split with a lovely bunch. I took a dip in West Bay in Roatán and had a massive frozen margarita in Cozumel. I got lost in the streets of Mykonos and ate souvlaki before heading back. I got drunk in an overnight in Dubrovnik, you guys, which doesn’t really happen often, since I do not enjoy consuming alcohol. I had these luscious local chocolate truffles in Belize. I danced. I laughed. I had one too many gelato. I marveled. Basically, I was smitten by Europe (well, yeah, the parts I’ve seen, shush). I worked as an assistant cook for Norwegian Cruise Line and, as a perk, I was allowed to traipse through Italy and North-Eastern Mediterranean—DID I MENTION GREEK YOGURT AND GELATO ARE MY ABSOLUTE FAVOURITES?—and several spots in the Caribbean by providence, impoverished, in squalor.

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I’d been to places I’ve only ever daydreamed of, some I’ve never even heard of before. I got to work with such a diverse set of people and formed friendships I know I’ll always cherish. It was incredible and exhilarating and transformative and, yes, there were down moments but I had a grand time and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. (That sounds cliché because clichés are true.) I guess, it’s the connection I made with these total-strangers-turned-friends at a time when I was so far out of my comfort zone and trying to navigate this weird state of being completely excited and perfectly homesick AND seeing parts of the world, that was quite special.

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And oh! When we did the crossing from the US back to Europe, I cannot not see Spain and OH GOSH I FELL IN LOVE! ART IS EVERYWHERE AND THAT’S NOT A HYPERBOLE. (Sadly, though, I do not have much proof to this as I was busy being utterly awestruck.)

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And now I’m in a work break, being laaaaazzyyyy all day. But you know what I’m very much looking forward to? BOOKWORMS UNITE 2.0, yo! Together with several blogger friends, we’re bringing you another fun way to be bookish and awesome (wink, wink). Come hang out with us! There will be literary games. There will be much fanboying/girling! I even promise to be not awkward less awkward! Plus there’s a Book Blind Date! So, you know, join us in an afternoon of celebrating the love of reading. All the information you need to know is in this adorable graphic Hazel of Stay Bookish made:

Bookworms Unite 2.0 01

Let’s catch up; tell me what I’d miss! And will we have a conversation—where I embarrass myself—in Saturday?

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Your Favorite TV Series on Season Break


Because I have monumental scheduling skill

Because my previous weeks were spent completing paper works and doing rounds of goodbyes, I haven’t had the chance to officially announce here in Bookish and Awesome that I will be taking a break. But I am.

In the next eight months, I’ll be working as an assistant cook for Norwegian Cruise Line LTD and will be out in the open seas. As we speak—or whatever the blogging equivalent is—I’m breathing the Mediterranean air. I don’t know how long it’ll take to find a schedule that will work for the blog but I’m crazy excited. I’ve been daydreaming of Europe for SO long now, living vicariously through endless Tumblr posts, and it’s surreal to finally be on the other side.

It’ll be long hours of work BUT it is not the end for Bookish and Awesome. Think of it as your favorite TV series on season break. Or something. So yeah.

Sending warm hugs from Santorini,


PS. I wasn’t able to go off-shore today so I’m showing a photo that was taken in Turkey.

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Bookworms Unite!

Filipino book bloggers and readers, come say hi!

Bookworms Unite

WHAT: BOOKWORMS UNITE!: A PH Book Bloggers and Readers Meet Up
WHEN: July 26th, Sunday, 1:00p.m.-4:00p.m.
WHERE: Book and Borders Café, 281 Tomas Morato, Diliman, Quezon City

Together with some of my fellow Filipino bloggers, who are super lovely btw, we’re hosting a blogger/reader meet up by the end of this month and WE WANT YOU TO COME AND HANG OUT! There’ll be bookish games and raffle prizes (I heard HarperCollins is involved but SHHH!), among other things, but the real highlight would be for our very active community to just have an afternoon together, surrounded with books (and coffee). RSVP HERE.

I cannot promise I wouldn’t be awkward in person—because, duh, as Melanie of YA Midnight Reads proclaimed, “awkward is forever”—but if you do show up, it’ll be awesome.

And oh! We also have an optional Book Blind Date. It’s quite simple: bring a book covered in a non-transparent material (gift wrapper, cartolina, magazine, old newspaper, etc.). On the front, it should include keywords that describe the work. All books will be collected upon registration and by the end of the meet up, you’ll pick another, based on the descriptions others have provided. Please be noted, however, that ONLY the attendees who brought a book(s) can pick another book(s), and the number of books you can acquire will be equivalent to the number of books you bring.

So. Will I see you on Sunday?

The charming poster was designed by Hazel of Stay Bookish.

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