Unmissable Weekly: February 18, 2018

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It was sitting down and thinking about what it was that brought me to write THUG. Starr’s story [from THUG] is a tragedy we see unfortunately too much, and it always makes headline news. But I had to think back to when I was a teenager, and I had to think about what was my big tragedy as a teenager. I never saw a friend get killed by a cop. My big tragedy as a teenager was when my mom lost her job. Kids like Bri, they don’t end up on the news like that. Kids like Bri, they become statistics and numbers. We hear numbers about poverty. We hear statistics about poverty. Then we see the stereotypes about poverty. Those kids are never seen as actual people. Their stories are never told. For me, I sat down and I said, “You know what, I want to write something about that big tragedy that happened in my life, because there are so many kids out there who are going through that same thing, and we don’t talk about that enough.”

Angie Thomas’ sophomore novel, On the Come Up, has a cover and she talked to EW about it and what the process of writing this follow-up was like.


Girls Trip star Tiffany Haddish and Bridesmaids’ Melissa McCarthy are finalizing deals to star in The Kitchen, based on comic by Ollie Masters and Ming Doyle, published through DC’s Vertigo imprint. Andrea Berloff, who co-wrote Straight Outta Compton, is writing the screenplay and making the film her feature directing debut.

I have yet to see Haddish in a project but I’ll definitely watch anything McCarthy works on, so yes please!


In a recent post on his blog, comedically titled “Not a Blog,” about the Hugo Awards nominations, Martin engaged with curious fans in the comments section. There, he revealed that “Fire and Blood,” a spinoff about the Targaryen family history, will be split into two volumes – both of which will come out before “Winds of Winter.”

At this point, I’ll be more surprised to see a press release actually talking about Winds of Winter.


The week began with the world of children’s and young adult literature celebrating its most prestigious awards, the industry’s version of the Oscars. It ended with surprise and confusion as trade groups, literary agents and a publisher broke with several best-selling authors over allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior.

The industry’s sudden reckoning with the #MeToo movement primarily involved complaints that a long list of prominent writers and editors exploited their power and position at keystone industry events to make sexual advances, particularly toward female authors hoping to further their careers.

These past days have been heartbreaking and enraging and, for some people, confusing. But with everything that has been happening in Hollywood, it was only a matter of time. The publishing industry still is an industry after all. An industry with men and power imbalance.

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2 thoughts on “Unmissable Weekly: February 18, 2018

  1. Omg I loved that behind-the-scenes quote from Angie Thomas!! I didn’t realise that’s what her new book featured and I’m so excited for that too!! 😭 I know she’s said it made her cry a lot so afjdskald am here for another emotional read.
    And also I’m pretty extra sure GRRM doesn’t know what happens in Winds of Winter and he’s just procrastinating figuring it out. Hence his name is “GRRM” because all we’re doing at this point is saying “grrrr”. 😒😒😂
    (So disappointed in a ton of authors I used to respect after that article came out though. Humans are disgusting sometimes.)


    1. Actually, I still I haven’t read THUG… (I know I know. What am I even doing, right?) And with GRRM, I agree! I also think he just can’t find the motivation to finish it tbh, with the events in the HBO series having surpassed those in his books. Which is a total bummer for long-time fans. As for the reckoning in the publishing industry, it was so heartbreaking and disappointing and enraging, especially more so, I believe, for others. Since these authors have huge fan bases.


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