Monthly Bookish Awesome: August 2017

In which I recap what went down in the last four weeks here and outside the blog.

It’s been three full months since I started my new job in Kumon Angeles and I’m still thrilled to go see my students every day. What sorcery is this?!

Helloooo, bookworms! August just left us (wasn’t it April a fortnight ago?). Game of Thrones occupied all my Monday nights (do the math, I’ll wait here) and I was basically pulling my hair in frustration for the majority of the last episodes because of Sansa and Arya’s regressive story arc. But that doesn’t matter now, does it? I also freaked out over Taylor’s comeback, although I was soon faced with the realization that I’m not a big fan of her new music. But hey, Wonder Woman: Warbringer y’all! It. Is. Out. NOW. Otherwise, it was regular fanboying and Froy-obsessing over my little space of the internet.

September means fall for a lot of people. Except for this boy who lives in extreme rains and sweltering heat. But that doesn’t mean I’m not looking forward to it all the same. September means It and They Both Die at the End (!!). It also means I’m a little over a month closer to Stranger Things 2 and six months away from my favorite film I have yet to see (hint: it includes Oreos and boys kissing). And oh. The 38th Manila International Book Fair is happening. Please tell me I’ll be seeing familiar faces!

Books I Read

A Wrinkle in Time 02Eliza and Her Monsters 01

Other Stuff I Posted

  • Unmissable Weekly: August 6, 2017 – Where in we got to meet the Carter family!
  • Unmissable Weekly: August 13, 2017 – SLJ released its list of the librarians-voted Top 100 Must-Have YA Books and, oh boy, only seven feature protagonists or subjects from marginalized cultures. But hey, they have 42 editors-selected diverse titles to go with it.
  • Unmissable Weekly: August 20, 2017 – Bustle published a careful, detailed look on how YA Twitter is trying to dismantle white supremacy one book at a time.
  • Ten Books to Diversify Your School’s Reading List – Because wstill need diverse books and there’s still a lot of work to do.
  • Unmissable Weekly: August 27, 2017 – In which we learned YA Twitter took down a fraudulent NYT #1 bestseller.
  • 3 Practical Ways to Get More Reading Done – In these times of political turmoil and easy distractions, when many of us constantly find ourselves in heated conversations about presidents or the recent episode of Game of Thrones, that on top of school or work or both, squeezing in more time to read is increasingly hard. But hard doesn’t necessarily have to mean impossible.

Book Birthdays

See What I Have Done 01   The Wood 01   Dress Codes for Small Towns 01   Warbringer 01

Happy book birthday to See What I Have Done (Atlantic Monthly Press), The Wood (Feiwel and Friends), Little and Lion (Brown and Company), How to Disappear (HarperTeen), A Map for Wrecked Girls (Dial Books), Wicked Like a Wildfire (Katherine Tegen Books), Dress Codes for Small Towns (HarperTeen), The History of Bees (Touchstone), and Wonder Woman: Warbringer (Random House BFYR), which all found a place in the shelves last month!

Book Radar

They Both Die at the End 01   Autoboyography   An Enchantment of Ravens 01   The Language of Thorns 01

This month I’m super stoked for They Both Die at the End (5th, HarperTeen) and The Language of Thorns: Midnight Tales and Dangerous Magic (26th, Imprint)! I’m also waiting for Autoboyography (12th, Simon and Schuster BFYR), Moxie (19th, Roaring Brook Press), The Victoria in My Head (19th, Simon Pulse), An Enchantment of Ravens (26th, Margaret K. McElderry Books), and Starfish (26th, Simon Pulse).

Gold Star

Librarians 01

These kickass women rode miles on horseback to deliver library books, people!

They were known as the “book women.” They would saddle up, usually at dawn, to pick their way along snowy hillsides and through muddy creeks with a simple goal: to deliver reading material to Kentucky’s isolated mountain communities. So, you know, history has proven time and again that librarians are seriously amazing, and this gives me life. You can head over to Atlast Obscura and read more about the book women.

Around the Interwebs

Now, tell me all about your August! Is there a 5-star read or an A+ film you would recommend I check out?

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6 thoughts on “Monthly Bookish Awesome: August 2017

    1. Oh my gods, RIGHT? The trailer looks so intense! DuVernay clearly knew what she was doing. And yeah. You’re absolutely right. I find that I don’t even know how to elevator-pitch this book. Lol. Thank you for dropping by, Holly! You have a lovely September!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I am so happy you loved Eliza and her Monsters. I have been hearing fantastic things about this book everywhere, I can’t wait to read it. I know I will love it 🙂
    Hope you’ll have a great September! xx


    1. Yeah. I think the author does a terrific job of representing people with anxieties and depression in a very specific manner. I think you’ll really like it, too. But there was a scene that bothered me and I’ll be curious to hear what you think about it, if and when you get around to reading the book.

      You have a lovely September, dear! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m trying not to buy too many books at the moment – not allowing myself to until I finish my current physical TBR – but the book is already waiting in my basket, for me to click on order 🙂 I can’t wait to read it.
        Thank you so much, you too! ❤


  2. I miss the weather from the Philippines… Australia is heading to warm weather now and I’m already dreading summer. x.x But really I am so excited for Simon vs the Homo Sapiens movie!!!!! and I cannot wait to read Wonder Woman: Warbringer. ❤


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