Unmissable Weekly: July 30, 2017

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Rebel in the Rye 01

This week on literary film news…

Wonder Woman is holding better than any superhero film in more than 15 years at the North American box office. It has grossed more than $389 million at the domestic box office to date and passed Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 over the weekend.

So far, Wonder Woman 2 is the only release slated for Dec. 13, 2019.

Wonder Woman 2 is a thing that’s happening and I AM SO HERE FOR THIS.


Apparently, Nicholas Hoult is in “early talks” to star as J.R.R. Tolkien in the forthcoming biopic Tolkien, which will be directed by Dome Karukoski. But wait, I thought Nicholas Hoult was going to play J.D. Salinger? Oh he is? (The proof is below, in the trailer.) And he’s also appearing as Nikola Tesla? I know, Hollywood and all that, but this is really starting to strain credulity.

Is Nicolas Hoult the last man standing in Hollywood? Although, I’ve seen the Rebel in the Rye trailer and I’m sold! So, Tolkien and Salinger are basically twins, is what it is.


Sony Pictures has optioned movie rights to the Action Lab Comics series Princeless. Created by Jeremy Whitley and Emily Martin, the series follows a young black princess who, instead of waiting for a prince to save her, takes matters into her own hands. She breaks out of her tower, befriends the dragon guarding her, and sets off on a quest to rescue her six older sisters who are also locked in towers and guarded by assassins.

This sounds badass!


The trailer wastes no time getting into the action and the scares as fans are treated to their first taste of the villain’s voice. From there, it’s a cavalcade of creepy as the voiceover describes the terror of being alone as a child.

“When you’re alone as a kid, the monsters see you as weaker. You don’t even know they’re getting closer… Until it’s too late.”

Watch It with the lights open and, hopefully, someone nearby.

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