Unmissable Weekly: July 9, 2017

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The Lightning Thief 01via

Percy Jackson has fought all manners of monsters, but his latest adventure sees him adapted for the stage in The Lightning Thief, a musical based on (and named for) the first book in author Rick Riordan’s best-selling series. Now EW has your exclusive first listen to the full cast album, which will be going on sale July 7.

“The gods are real. Like the Greek gods. Like the ones you learned about but weren’t paying attention to. Well, they don’t pay attention to you, either, especially if you’re their kid.” This is transporting me back to 2013, that September I got OBSESSED with the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series!


As publishers, we connect your story with readers everywhere.

We want books to reflect everyone in our society, and to publish the stories which aren’t often told.

That’s why through WriteNow we want to find, mentor and publish new writers from communities under-represented on the nation’s bookshelves. This includes writers from BAME (Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic) or LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer) communities, writers who have a disability, or come from a socio-economically marginalised background.

Get published. Write NOW. (Props to Penguin Random House UK for this programme!)


An unpublished picture book by Maurice Sendak, author of Where the Wild Things Are, has been found hidden deep in his archives, five years after his death – somewhat like a little boy lost in the jungle after being sent to his room with no supper.

The new book will be published in autumn 2018, a posthumous release for an author regarded as one of the most influential picture-book creators of the last 50 years.

And Maurice Sendak joins the ranks of children’s authors with a book discovered posthumously in a drawer.


The final two seasons of Game of Thrones are set to be shorter than previous installments of the series—down from the usual 10 episodes to 7 for the seventh season, and 6 for the eighth. But that doesn’t mean that we’ll necessarily be getting any less of the show. We already know that three of Season 7’s episodes run longer than an hour, and at this weekend’s Con of Thrones, sound designer Paula Fairfield told the crowd that the Powers That Be might make all six episodes of Season 8 feature-length.

It seems we are getting a full season’s worth of Game of Thrones for both seasons 7 and 8, after all.

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