The 22 Times We are All Molly Peskin-Suso When We Crush

Molly-Crushing #26
And we crush hard. At least I do.

1. When you’ve had thirty-six crushes and zero kisses.

Molly-Crushing #01

2. When Crush doesn’t know you exist.

Molly-Crushing #02

3. When, on the flip side, Crush is someone you’ve known since middle school.

Molly-Crushing #03

4. When you embarrass yourself in front of Crush by talking asfjklvgwytlqk—

Molly-Crushing #04

5. So you’re like:

Molly-Crushing #05

6. But, of course, your friends wouldn’t let you forget.

Molly-Crushing #06

7. When Crush smiles at you. #whereismychill

Molly-Crushing #08

8. Also:

Molly-Crushing #09

9. And:

Molly-Crushing #10

10. When all your friends are “In a Relationship.”

Molly-Crushing #11

11. When you see Crush is online.

Molly-Crushing #12

12. But seen-zones you. (For whatever reason.)

Molly-Crushing #13

13. When you bullshit your best friend.

Molly-Crushing #14

14. But, really, you’re just being too careful.

Molly-Crushing #15

15. But also:

Molly-Crushing #16

16. When Crush breaks up with Current Partner only to wind up dating someone else.

Molly-Crushing #17

17. When you’re trying to respond to Crush’s iMs.

Molly-Crushing #21

18. Or:

Molly-Crushing #22A

Molly-Crushing #22B

19. When you sit next to Crush in lunch and there’s not much space.

Molly-Crushing #18

20. And so pining becomes real.

Molly-Crushing #19

21. Too real.

Molly-Crushing #20

22. And when you’re trying to read but low key hopes Crush would text.

Molly-Crushing #07

BONUS (from Nadine, one of Molly’s moms): And when you’re finally, FINALLY “In a Relationship” with Crush.

Molly-Crushing #23

Or so you wish. HAHAHAHAHA.

Here, let Cassie, Molly’s twin sister, give you the #realtalk:

Molly-Crushing #24

Molly-Crushing #25

C’mon. You so are a Molly Peskin-Suso when you crush. Which part did identify with the most? Sound off in the comments below!

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2 thoughts on “The 22 Times We are All Molly Peskin-Suso When We Crush

  1. This is so awesome. 😭 Yes! I admit it and it is one of the reasons why I loved The Upside of Unrequited very much. Molly spoke to the very core of my unrequited soul.

    It was quite fun to reminisce reading Upside with your blog post, Kuya. It’s just perfect to set the mood for it. 💙

    Liked by 1 person

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