Unmissable Weekly: August 7, 2015

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For Such a Time 01via

Claiming that success in the industry is merit-based and gender-irrelevant while simultaneously using your position as an established male creator to literally shout down women’s voices is willful ignorance. It isn’t eccentric; it isn’t cute, and it isn’t excused by the generation you’re from or the comic world you came up in. Unfortunately, it’s also not uncommon.

I don’t know about you but this Bill Willingham sounds like a jerktastic dude.


Last fall, after he’d just found an unpublished story by John Steinbeck, Gulli told NPR’s Arun Rath that he’d actually been looking for one by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Now, he’s tracked it down — and he joined Rath again to talk about the find.

And so we carry on, eyes against the evident, uncovering ceaselessly the unpublished works of famous American writers.


[Max von Sydow] has joined the sixth run of HBO’s Game of Thrones as the Three-Eyed Raven, a character who last appeared in the season 4 finale and was played by a different actor (Struan Rodger).

Because it isn’t Unmissable Weekly without a Game of Thrones story.


In the Holocaust, over 6 million Jews, and more than 17 million people in total were killed by the Nazis. In For Such a Time, the hero is redeemed and forgiven for his role in a genocide. The stereotypes, the language, and the attempt at redeeming an SS officer as a hero belittle and demean the atrocities of the Holocaust. The heroine’s conversion at the end underscores the idea that the correct path is Christianity, erases her Jewish identity, and echoes the forced conversions of many Jews before, during, and after the Holocaust.

Admittedly, I am not the best person to speak about this. But I want to educate myself. And only by opening dialogues can we hear. And we need to listen. We need to keep talking.

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6 thoughts on “Unmissable Weekly: August 7, 2015

  1. Omg they’re changing actors for GoT? *stamps foot* HOW DARE THEY. Although I’ve only seen 2 seasons, and am trying to work up the courage for the next two. xD


    1. GET ON WITH IT WOMAN! However, no need to worry. The previous Three-Eyed Raven only appeared for a couple of minutes. I don’t even recall his face. Oops. More obvious actor changes are The Mountain (twice) and Tommen.


    1. Thank you Chioma! Yeah, the controversy circling the book really exploded on the internet, especially on Twitter, last week. And the fact that people who care, who are either directly affected or not, are having dialogues? That’s the silver lining of this debacle. That there are people who are brave and who will speak up.


  2. How incredible that manuscripts from these incredible american authors are still being found. It’s kind of amazing, unbelievable and wonderful to be living through all at the same time, and how exciting at the prospect of being able to read material that was never published, that people haven’t made thousands of opinions up about already. It’s kind of like there’re endless possibilities, and that is wonderful.


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