Of Bookworms and Books

Someone had an awesome Sunday. No wait, someones.

If you didn’t know, earlier this month I had this sudden desire to meet fellow Filipino bookworms. And so, I contacted several people via Twitter, asking them if they’d be on board the idea of a meet up. The gods must have thought I did something amazing because the response I got was something in the line, “yeah, let’s make it happen!” And yesterday, Bookworms Unite happened. It was tons of fun you guys!

I am neurotic, and as much as I was excited for the meet up, I was also anxious. Anxious whether people would really show up or not. Whether it’d be awesome or totally awkward. Boy, was the anxiety for naught. It was absolutely awesome! In fact, I feel like if you’re a stranger looking from the outside, you wouldn’t see people who have just met. You’d see camaraderie. You’d feel the shared enthusiasm for books. For being bookworms. For being there. Just, the vibe was wtf-is-awkward-I-love-reading-these-people-love-reading-these-are-my-people.

There were introductions, games, raffle prizes, Book Blind Date and interestingand often funnyconversations. But being one of the hosts, I hadn’t had much time to snap photos of the actual event. So I took a cue from the wonderful Brandon Stanton (of Humans of New York fame) and opted to spotlight some of the attendees instead. Here, and I hope you meet, if virtually so, your next reading buddy:

Faye 01

“I blog in order to share my love of reading with the rest of the world.” – Faye Matug, The Social Potato.
Dianne 01

“I read to escape. I get to live a thousand lives through reading and being holed up in the lab, I really need that.” – Dianne Acoba, Oops! I Read A Book Again.

Hazel 01

“I’ve always been a lover of contemporary romance and I think that’s mostly because I like the world of realistic fiction and I’ve always craved reading about that kind of love.” – Hazel Ureta, Stay Bookish.

Shannelle 01

“Um, hi! I’m Shannelle of The Art Of Escapism, and I hope you all read The Summer of Chasing Mermaids by Sarah Ockler.” – Shannelle, The Art Of Escapism.

Jayvee 01

“I feel human when I read, like, somehow, their happiness is mine and their sadness is too.” – Jayvee De Castro, Writer For Misfits.


“…but most of the time, you know when to sit back, relax and give us time to up ourselves.” – Godwin Cantre, Machinations Of My Muddled Mind.

Justine 01

“I have Stand Off.” – Justine Dy, Bookwormaniac.

Salve 01

“My favorite book for 2015 is The Royal We by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan.” – Salve Villarosa, Cuckoo For Books.

Inah 01

“I read for passion.” – Inah Peralta, The Bibliophile Confessions.

JM 01

“…another favorite book of mine is Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas. [I find Maas] very nice; she’s a gorgeous author. And she’s the kind of author that I would want to be friends with.” – JM Cabral, Book Freak Revelations.

Eriele 01

“I cosplay because I feel happy being this different person or character but at the same time being myself. I’ve always wanted to cosplay anime characters, but I find that with anime characters, your costume has to be exact and precise. And being someone who has to be thrifty, I settled for cosplaying book characters instead because there’s not much book cosplayers out there (and I’m glad there are lots of [us] now) and because I can add my own style in my DIY costumes.” – Eriele Japsay, This Is Not Your Book Blog.

Paula 01

“I started reading because I love writing poems. And then [I started writing stories.] Until now. [And books] are my companions because I live alone.” – Paula Ramona, Perks Be With You.

And of course, I’d be remiss not to extend my deepest gratitude to National Book Store, Simon and SchusterHarperCollins and Book and Borders Café, all of whom made Bookworms Unite extra special. Also? Faye uploaded an album over at The Social Potato Reviews Facebook Page; you can check that out.

PS. I love that everyone was stressed by my Word Soup. *Winks.*

Books Stack 01

How was your weekend? I’m still in a happiness hangover but let’s talk! And oh. For those who came, tweet us your recaps using #bookwormsunite.

You can also stalk follow me elsewhere! On Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Goodreads, and Bloglovin.

46 thoughts on “Of Bookworms and Books

    1. Uh, I don’t even know what to say. So, okay. First, I wouldn’t HONY you because I know that’s exactly what you’ll say. Second, #notsuperfamous. But yaaay to the two of us for having awesome bookish weekends. :)!


  1. Ahh, I’m so glad that this turned out to be a success and a lot of fun! I’m really envious of you and Joey being able to meet up with old friends and getting to know new bloggers in your area. I kind of feel inspired to create a meet up now after reading this. 😉 Only if I knew more bloggers in the southeast U.S. though. But these is seriously #goals


  2. I had the best answer. Bwahaha. And my face though. Such an eye sore. 😦

    And I loooove this post and I’m glas we met. Thank you for the awesome experience. I will definitely look forward to the next meet-up hosted by you guys! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. THIS. LOOKS. SO. FUN. I’m so jealous right now, smh. But seriously. I’m so glad you guys could meet up and talk and let’s not forget, you guys clicked pictures. You’ve bonded with each for life.

    My weekend was…uneventful, to be honest. And by the way that things have been going in the Dsouza household for the past three weeks, uneventful is exactly what we needed as a family. But obviously, uneventful means more reading time so yay! Have a wonderful week ahead, you 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hope you and your family are okay, Rhea! But, yeah. Bookworms Unite was definitely a blast! I just wanted to break in a song-and-dance during the event! (Except, reasonable Shelumiel, the Shelumiel who knows he’d embarrass himself, got in the way. And maybe that’s for the better. Haha!)

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww you, Miggy. *Swats Miggy.* But, yeah, I hope (and pray) this is just the start of a thing. As for Justine, I almost choked the kid. *Flashes the Winning Smile.*

      PS. I wish you were there too!


  4. Shlumiel, how fantastic this looks! I’m so glad you went out and asked people if they wanted to do this, because that is such a fantastic idea (I live in an area where there are few bloggers, sadly) and you obviously had a blast! I hope you guys all get together again soon. And for now, I’ve found some new bloggers to follow! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Romi! Yeah, we absolutely had a blast. You can start by asking around maybe? It would hurt. You don’t have to have a program anyway. You can just go out for coffee and talk about books and blogging and life in general. It’d be more fun that it sounds like.


      1. There aren’t really any where I live. I’ve been to one, but that one was already one hour away. Most bookish events are in Amsterdam, and that’s not close for me, sadly 🙂


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