Unmissable Weekly: July 24, 2015

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Mockingjay Part 2 01via

How easy it must be for Brooks to focus on tomorrow, to write in earnest that we can “abandon old wrongs and transcend old sins for the sake of better tomorrow.” Those untouched by the pangs of history find it easier to dismiss, I suppose. But Coates is talking about the present as much as he is the past. Brooks, despite making the appropriate gestures, is blind to this part of Coates’ argument. He does not—and apparently cannot—see how our past defines our present and constrains our future.

Pro tip: you do not call out a black man living in Baltimore, chronicling his own life, on whether or not he really understands “the black male experience.” Especially when you’re a privileged white man writing for America’s most prominent paper.


Disney acquired the movie rights preemptively and is in talks with Michael Costigan to produce the film. HarperCollins is scheduled to publish the Texas-set novel through its Balzer + Bray imprint on Sept. 15.

I want Melissa McCarthy to star in this one! But, obviously, she’s 44. So. Just, I am excited for Dumplin’ and I feel like a book getting optioned before it’s even published—and then how media talks about it—is a good indication of how much trust people with power over these things put into a project.


“What sets Ryan apart, not only did he read to the children, he saw a need in the community, which was books in the homes, and he did something about it,” said Jan Pedden of the Redwood City Public Library.



The classic children’s author died on Sept. 24, 1991 at the age of 87. At the time, his widow, Audrey Geisel, was renovating their home in La Jolla, California, outside San Diego, and placed some of his work in a box. Years later, in 2013, she and his long-time assistant, Claudia Prescott, decided to have his drafts and sketches in the box appraised and discovered a project that would become his 46th book.

At this point, I’d be more shocked if we didn’t hear more about discovered manuscripts by beloved authors—dead or not.


In January, James Franco penned an ode to his friend and muse Lana Del Rey, concluding his V Magazine tribute to the singer by writing, “I wanted to interview Lana for a book and she said, ‘Just write around me; it’s better if it’s not my own words. It’s almost better if you don’t get me exactly, but try.'” That suggestion turned into an actual book as Franco revealed the actor has co-written Flip-Side: Real and Imaginary Conversations With Lana Del Rey. The 100-page book will be released March 15th, 2016 via Penguin Random House.

Well, this would be a fascinating read, if anything else.


And of course, there’s the parachutes that appear toward the end of this footage. Readers all know what this scene entails. Looks like the fourth installment in the “Hunger Games” movie franchise is going to be fairly dedicated to the original material. And it’s going to be brutal.

This sure promises EPIC.

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6 thoughts on “Unmissable Weekly: July 24, 2015

  1. YESSSS to the pro tip! I’m getting pretty sick of hearing priveleged comments make comments that just exude ignorance. I’m even more disgusted that this happened in my own city. Just having a huge “That does NOT happen here.” moment which is so ridiculous. Because, with the crap of the NYPD, why would I be surprised? Disgusting, just disgusting.

    I’m BEYOND excited for the Dumplin’ movie. As soon as I finished the book, this was the first thing I wanted. To see it in a movie. It made me sad that this might never happen, and it still might not…BUT THERE’S A CHANCE.

    The Mockingjay trailer had me enthralled, and fangirling like whoa. EPIC is the word. I can’t wait to see this opening weekend! And the Lana del Ray thing does sound intriguing, I’m not a huge fan of her or anything—but I’ve listened to a few of her songs, and the personality in her songs has a wistful yearning in it, and her voice, reminding me of Florence Welch, has an elegant beauty to it. Art. I’m interested in seeing this flip book, now.

    Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Wesaun! I much appreciate the time and thought you put into this comment. It’s so sad, these privileged comments. And I think Dumplin’ has a shot at actually happening, what with the YA movie adaptations scene right at this moment. Also, the Mockingjay Part 2 film! I’M SUPER STOKED!

      I’m not the biggest Lana del Ray fan, too, but I really love her Young & Beautiful. So there’s that.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. OOH SAME! And of course, you can count on my annoyingly long comments for the rest of your blogging career 😉


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