Rainbow Rowell Week, Day 3: Read to Me Sweetheart

Rainbow Rowell Week

Fangirl in Beautiful Posters.

For five days this week*, Bookish and Awesome is celebrating Rainbow Rowell Appreciation Week. You can read the previous posts here and here.

Today, I have a very special guest post from the charming and talented owner of Stay Bookish, Hazel Ureta.

Well hello there, awesome bookish nerds! I’m Hazel and I blog over at Stay Bookish. I’m here today on Bookish and Awesome to celebrate Rainbow Rowell Week with Shelumiel. Like the writer of this wonderful blog, I also love Rainbow and her books but most especially Fangirl. What can I say, I’m a fangirl at heart and that book is my life story. Anyhow, there are some super lovely quotes from the book and I’m sharing my favourites today! And because I’m a try-hard designer, I designed some posters as graphics. Hope you like them! ❤

Fangirl Quote - Tomorrow

“”Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow,” he said.” – Fangirl, Rainbow Rowell.

Fangirl Quote - I Choose You Over Everyone

“I choose you over everyone.” – Levi, Fangirl.

Fangirl Quote - Read to Me Sweetheart

“Read to me sweetheart.” – Levi, Fangirl.

Thank you, Hazel, for dropping by the blog and for these beautiful posters! I LOVE THEM!

Hazel is also running a companion post over at her blog and she’s talking about Eleanor & Park. So be sure to check that one out and hop over to Stay Bookish. Now.

What are your favorite Rainbow Rowell quotations? And do you think anyone can live solely on peanut butter? Also, if you want to blog about your personal experience with Rowell or her books, grab that header image above and leave a comment below. I’ll link up to you in the coming articles! Or we can bring this to Twitter. YES! Share your Rainbow Rowell stories using the hashtag #RainbowRowellWeek. Again, happy Rainbow Rowell Appreciation Week everyone!

Hazel is the nineteen-year-old bibliophile behind the blog, Stay Bookish, where she posts her bookish musings and occasionally swoons over fictional characters. Her mission in life is to spread the love for books as she believes the nirvana of reading can only be achieved once you share it with other people. You can also find her on Twitter @staybookish and Tumblr.

*Why this week you ask? Because it’s her birthday yesterday (24th)!

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