Rainbow Rowell Week, Day 2: Where is My Chill?

Rainbow Rowell Week

Reading Rainbow Rowell in Gifs.

For five days this week*, Bookish and Awesome is celebrating Rainbow Rowell Appreciation Week. You can read the previous post here.

So I love Rainbow Rowell (which you already know, duh) and I think gifs are the awesomest. Hence, these are me in gifs, me in various windows of reading her books (in no particular order).

Sometimes, I’m all:

Jeremy Renner

But then other characters, say Richie, have me be like:

Regina George 01via

And this is me with certain dialogues:

Emma Stone 01via


Kristen Bell 01via

Or, not really really, but, like, inside my head:

Gossip Girl 01via

Some characters are incredibly fleshed out they have me thinking:

Kristen Wiigvia

And out of nowhere, I’d be:

Avengers 01

End of the day? Here:

Taylor Swift 01via

What is your favorite Rainbow Rowell book? Sound off in the comments below! Also, if you want to blog about your personal experience with Rowell or her books, grab that header image above and leave a comment below. I’ll link up to you in the coming articles! Or we can bring this to Twitter. YES! Share your Rainbow Rowell stories using the hashtag #RainbowRowellWeek. Again, happy birthday Rainbow Rowell and happy Appreciation Week y’all!

*Why this week you ask? Because it’s her birthday today (24th)!

Signature 02


9 thoughts on “Rainbow Rowell Week, Day 2: Where is My Chill?

  1. You get MAJOR bonus points for using Taylor Swift and “Veronica Mars” gifs! 🙂

    E&P will forever be my favorite. It’s such a beautiful book. It has the kind of ending that makes me want to weep from the genius of it. But I also had a major book hangover afterwards,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. And YOU get major bonus points for jumping in on the fun! I think you’re the biggest E&P fan I know. We’re Team Fangirl, Cait and I. Not that we’re warring over her books, of course. 😉

      Thanks for dropping by Kate!


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