Rainbow Rowell Week, Day 1: Wait, My Feels

Rainbow Rowell Week

An Ode to Rainbow-freakin-Rowell*.

Have you ever picked up a book where the author made you pause and let a passage sink in? Or, like, full-on stop and whisper, wait, my feels? I can probably pick five writers who did this to me, but one name that easily comes to mind is Rainbow Rowell. And for five days this week**, Bookish and Awesome is celebrating this very person. Rainbow Rowell Appreciation Week mayhem, shoot the confetti cannons!

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There is a book in my room, Rainbow. A book that sits highly among my Favorites of the Favorites. It’s by you.

You write like you understand me. Like, you know what it feels like and you get it. It doesn’t matter whether it’s first love or first kiss or saving a marriage or whatever. You write and the reader responds. I remember vividly grinning like a lunatic at certain scenes from Fangirl and resonating badly with how Eleanor defined missing someone. And then there were those times when I would hold back tears (because I’m macho thank you very much). And I snorted quite a few times, too.

I fell in love with Cath and Levi. I rooted for Eleanor and Park. I hoped with Georgie McCool. Reagan was absolutely something, and her conversations with Cath are gems. There isn’t a single dead rubber character in your hands, even Snow and Baz, who are works of fiction inside Fangirl. In fact, as a testament to this, Snow and Baz are having their own book. Carry On is set for an October 5 release, right? A novel based on a fanfiction of another fanfiction of a real novel, inside a work of fiction? I mean, WHO DOES THAT? Moreover, who can make readers bite into that? Only you, Rainbow, you crazy you.

You command your words; you’re a natural that way. You’re the Queen of Dialogues. It’s not flowery, sweeps-you-off-your-feet kind of thing. It’s a-million-butterflies-come-alive-inside-your-stomach. You hit the spot, and very well you do. I also love your humor, have I told you this? It’s not laugh-out-loud exactly… More like Neal’s I’m-laughing-on-the-inside-right-now***. And this doesn’t end in your books. I’ve witnessed you killing it on Twitter. You’re outrageous. You never fail to crack me up. And props to being personable besides. I’ll consume a dialogue between a baker and an old lady written by you if I ever find one.

So thank you, Rainbow Rowell! Thank you for failing at your plans A and B.

NOTE: Of course, others can make cases to refute my calling Rainbow Rowell basically a staggering genius. But that’s not the point.

What about you dear readers? Do you love Rainbow Rowell as much as I do? Fangirl or Eleanor & Park (or, you know, choose from her adult titles)? Also, I have an idea! If you want to blog about your cry of adoration for Rainbow or her books, grab that header image above and leave a comment below. I’ll link up to you in the coming articles! Or we can bring this to Twitter. YES! Share your Rainbow Rowell stories using the hashtag #RainbowRowellWeek. Again, happy  Rainbow Rowell Appreciation Week!

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*I say this in the most endearing way possible to humans.
**Why this week you ask? Because it’s her birthday tomorrow (24th)!

***That’s a Landline reference for you, kid.

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13 thoughts on “Rainbow Rowell Week, Day 1: Wait, My Feels

  1. I LOVE RAINBOW ROWELL’S BOOKS A LOT. Probably not as much as you though. XD I didn’t adore E&P as much as I thought I would, but Fangirl spoke copiously to me. I’m really excited for Carry On. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I feel the same way about E&P, but that’s not to say I didn’t feel the feels. It’s just that I had so much expectations and, yeah… I totally get why Fangirl did that to you. 😉 CARRY ON. YEAASSS!!

      Thanks for dropping by Cait!


  2. Aww! What a nice thing to do, an author appreciation post. I also love Rainbow Rowell although I’ve just read a few of her books. I could say that Fangirl was my favorite out of all of her books judging by the fact that I AM a die-hard fangirl myself.

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