Book Haul #1: Confused, Troubled Teens

This week on bookish acquisition:

Physical Copies

Book Haul #1

Playlist for the Dead by Michelle Falkoff


None of the Above

Hurt Patrol

Hurt Patrol by Mary McKinley

Okay. I picked up More Than This because John Green told me so. (What, that’s a totally valid, reasonable way to read a book. Ha!) Also, Winger has often popped up in my Twitter feed—openly being praised by people whose opinion I esteem—for me to ignore. And Playlist for the Dead and My Heart and Other Black Holes are two 2015 debuts I’ve been on the look out for. Actually, I devoured the former already; a review is on its way (spoiler: I LOVE IT).

What do you think I should read first? What book/s did you acquire this week?

OH WAIT! That’s not all about it. I’m doing a Rainbow Rowell Week next week, in celebration of my love (and I’m guessing the rest of the Book Community) for this a-freakin-mazing author which is turning a year older on the 24th. Gifs, fanboying/girling and a very special guest post from Hazel of Stay Bookish await. So watch out! Rainbow Rowell Week

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18 thoughts on “Book Haul #1: Confused, Troubled Teens

  1. OH YAY FOR MORE THAN THIS. That is exactly the reason I picked it up too…and it was weird but it did NOT disappoint. I’m not a total Patrick Ness fan. I love A Monster Calls and The Knife Of Never Letting Go…I just wnat to read all his books. hehe. I blame John Green.
    OMG SO EXCITED FOR RAINBOW ROWELL WEEK! Love the pictures too. ^_^

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    1. Are you sure we aren’t related? Somehow? We seem to share many interests and quirks. John Green also semi-sold me We Were Liars! As for The Knife of Never Letting Go, I don’t know, I had a problem with the voice. And YEAASSS! Rainbow Rowell Week! Thank you!


  2. Hey Shelumiel! Couldn’t be happier to discover your blog, because BOOKS. I’ve heard of My Heart and Other Black Holes, but haven’t gotten round to reading it yet. I didn’t really love Shadow and Bone, but someone told me Ruin and Rising was amazing, so maybe I’ll end up reading the whole series. Someday. ;P

    Rainbow Rowell week, how awesome! I’ve been meaning to read her works for a long time (sensing a pattern here), but never really got the push to buy one — here’s to hoping your week will do that!

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    1. Aww. You’re so sweet! I hope Rainbow Rowell Week makes you super excited to finally dive into her books. She’s the awesomest!

      So. I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t enjoy S&B but, hey, that’s totally normal. Books, like other forms of art, are highly subjective. 😉


  3. I was like, “oh a haul!” and then proceeded to count the books: …four, five, six…– the starbucks is not a book. I derped. (#fulltransparency)

    None of the Above is something that I might find interest in reading based on the nature of the content. I don’t think I’ve actually involved myself into any entertainment that dealt with intersex aside from MTV’s Faking It. I did recently acquire Abigail Tarttelin’s Golden Boy soooo maybe that’ll be a stepping stone into these focused contemporaries. Either way, NOTA has gotten a lot of traction in the community so that’s a big win for diversity haha.


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    1. Unapologetic openness appreciated! Especially since, before posting this, I asked myself: can this skinny be considered a haul?

      So yeah, I was lucky enough to get an approval from Edelweiss for NOTA. It’ll also be my first book about intersex and I hope it doesn’t disappoint.

      Thanks for dropping by, Joey!


  4. WINGER!!! Shadow and Bone!!! I haven’t read the other books *hides* but I also have them except for The Hurt Patrol so I’m hoping to read them all soon as well. But then, you can never go wrong with Patrick Ness.

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    1. I’m guessing you loved Winger? I am super excited for it, Dianne! Did you like it? I was moved by the excerpt of More Than This I read in Love Hurts so that’s one thing. But then, I had problems with The Knife of Never Letting God. Here’s to not expecting too much? But JOHN GREEN. Gaaaah. Thanks for dropping by! 🙂


      1. I really liked both Winger and Shadow and Bone. I already have More Than This but then I also read the excerpt from Love Hurts and it got kicked up a notch in my priority list. Aaaaww, the narration in The Knife of Never Letting Go isn’t for everyone but !!! Happy reading!

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  5. I also picked up More Than This because John Green told me to… and I was not disappointed. Patrick Ness had been on my radar for a while, I just needed a little push to get buying. And it was priced super low.

    Shadow and Bone is really good too! But More Than This definitely stuck with me for longer. It got me doing some soul-searching after I finished reading. (In my opinion the best possible outcome of reading) 🙂

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    1. John Green also got me into buying We Were Liars and it didn’t disappoint! And he blurbed E&P, right? See what I’m drawing into? So yeah. I’m happy a book did that you, Shannon! 🙂 To Kill a Mockingbird (and Harper Lee) made me sit, and think, like consider it seriously, that from the day I finished forth, I’d identify myself as someone who’s committed to reading and enjoys it.


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